Finsweet Island

Welcome to FINSWEET ISLAND, where Gilligan's Island meets The Island of Dr. Moreau, and anything you can imagine is possible.

The story begins when our protagonist finds herself stranded on an Island, she doesn't know who she is, or how she got there, she has no memories. Instinctively she manages to find something to eat, mostly berries and coconuts, and builds a shelter with a few logs and some branches. Strangely she is not scared. The fauna seems very strange but friendly. At least for right now....

The Maned Wolf
They maned wolf was always helpful by bringing logs and branches to improve our protagonists shelter. She didn't mind the help. The wolf was always around.
The Wombat
The wombat was also very helpful. He would guide our protagonist through the island to where she can find fresh water and berries. The wombat was always around.
The Monkey
The Monkey was also helpful, but also strange sometimes. He would bring poppy seeds and cracked coconuts. The cracked coconuts where very helpful because they were a good source of coconut water and coconut pulp. The monkey was always around.
The animal that was never around and never helped was the shoebill. He will just look from a distance. One day out of nowhere the shoebill got close to our protagonist and TALKED to her.

The Shoebill : you need to get out of this island.

The Protagonist: you can talk????

The Shoebill : Why do you think the other animals do everything for you?

The Protagonist: Because they are my friends!!

The Shoebill : You are so oblivious, you need to leave NOW!!

The Protagonist: Well, I can't, I don't even know my name, bird!

The Shoebill : That is the key to get out, remembering your name, if you remember your name you get out of here, if you don't, you will become one of us.

The Protagonist: NOOOO!!!!!

To be continue.......